Here is a new video offering insight into electrosensitivity. Even the international guidelines admit that photosensitive people are more likely to be affected by electromagnetic fields and Dr David Carpenter touches on this relationship at 8:40.

Increasingly the connection to these fields and viruses / bacteria in the gut is also becoming better understood but of more universal environmental concern is the interference with the earth’s natural magnetic fields as Blake Levitt explains from 16:36.

Although these people are sick, their illness is difficult to diagnose, and it’s even harder to convince others that it actually exists. Their symptoms include cluster headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue, a burning sensation on the skin, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Sufferers claim the cause is wireless technology. There’s no known cure, and the only way to alleviate the symptoms seems to be to distance themselves from electronic devices and the influence of omnipresent wireless networks.

Electrosensitive people insist that Wi-Fi and cell phones are inflicting constant harm on humans, animals, and nature. Their testimonies are not the only evidence that non-ionising radiation may not be as harmless as we have been led to believe. Scientific studies that have been conducted on plants, insects, and mice suggest these electromagnetic waves may be damaging living organisms. Scientists from around the world have appealed to the UN, warning of the negative, long-term effects that electromagnetic fields could be having on animal and plant life.

Wi-Fi Refugees. Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology.

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