This website is primarily a collation of articles, scientific studies, correspondences & documentaries submitted over the years by concerned citizens and communities in Cape Town, throughout South Africa and abroad.

We repeatedly hear how cellphone towers pose no harm to human health or ecology – playing on fears of being left behind, left out socially, insulted and ridiculed, having security compromised. [example]

This collection therefore provides a challenge to the long-held position that wireless technology is safe, with encouragement to use it as much as possible.  The site also gives context to our belief that a more precautionary approach should be applied for the sake of our health, environment and long term economic sustainability. And that of future generations.

The implementation of fibre technology as well as education on more mindful application of wireless technology would help to reduce the amount of wireless traffic (and exposure to electromagnetic radiation) which has proliferated exponentially and largely unchecked in recent years.


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