SpecSavers SA has some practical advice for cellphone users. This is what they posted on their website recently:

“Our cell phones indeed emit more radiation when we’re using them, but even when we aren’t, they’re still emitting radiofrequency energy. Try these suggestions and see what happens:

– Limit your access to your mobile device – use it in important and emergency situations

– Switch off Wi-Fi when you’re offline

– Keep your apps closed when you aren’t using them

– Only use your phone in good reception ‘zones’ – it uses more power to transmit and search for a signal in weaker areas

– Don’t put your phone next to your bed to charge overnight while you’re sleeping – turn it off or take it out the bedroom completely!

– Switching to flight (airplane) mode is believed to help reduce radiation

– Use a hands-free device (speaker phone, Bluetooth or a wired headset)

– If you need to make a call, wait until after the call has actually connected to another device and started before lifting the device to your ear

– Choose a landline phone over a cell phone at both work and home

– Send a text message instead of making a cell phone call

– Don’t carry your cell phone on your person (e.g. in your pocket). Alternatively, cover your device with a protective case, and make sure the shielded side is against your body, so the antenna (at the back of the phone) is facing away from you

– Keep your children (even while you are pregnant) away from your mobile devices – their skull bones are thinner and are more susceptible to cell phone radiation”


Cell phone radiation: is my device affecting my health?

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