terence-youngGreen Leader Elizabeth May and NDP health critic Libby Davies are among the MPs backing a private member’s bill that would require cellphones to be sold with radiation warning labels in Canada.

Conservative MP Terence Young introduced Bill C-648 in December. The bill’s summary reads:

“This enactment makes it an offence to sell radio apparatus for general public use without a warning label that cautions the user of potential health risks of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields associated with the use of this apparatus. The enactment also empowers the Minister of Industry to make regulations respecting the wording of the information to be printed on these warning labels, as well as the positioning, printing and dimensions of the labels. It also empowers the Minister to make regulations respecting the dissemination of information respecting the safe use of radio apparatus and providing for their sampling, testing, inspection and analysis.”

The legislation would apply to all microwave-emitting wireless devices, including Wi-Fi routers and baby monitors. It proposes fines of up to $100,000 and imprisonment for up to six months as penalties for contravention.

Introducing the bill in the House of Commons, Young said:

“Smart phones provide Canadians of all ages with a broad array of valuable services; yet, most Canadians are unaware that these devices not only receive but broadcast electromagnetic radiation, which has been classified by the World Health Organization as possibly carcinogenic, and that the length of time of use near or touching the body may increase health risks.”

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Should cellphones come with radiation warning labels?

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