Complaining that a proposed cellphone tower would devalue their property, residents of the town’s northeastern corner filled the Lincoln Center hearing room Tuesday night.

The hearing before the Connecticut Siting Council centered on a proposed 104-foot tower to be located on open land at 701 Lydall St. The nearest home on Deer Run Trail would be 452 feet from the antenna-topped monopole, but residents said that’s still too close for such an imposing structure. Speakers said such towers cut into property values as much as 20 percent.

“The devaluation, it’s devastating to me,” said Maureen Couvares of Deer Run Trail.

Kyle Wentworth, of Knollwood Road, said that when he was house-hunting three years ago, any property near a cell tower was “an immediate no-sale.” Wentworth and other speakers also said they worried about health risks, although the federal government has found no evidence that cell towers harm the general public.


Manchester Residents Say Cell Tower Would Cut Property Values

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