In Cape Town, cellphone towers are still being erected in school playgrounds and just a few metres away from the nearest homes.

In 2010 it was widely reported that cellphone towers posed no risk – “Cellphone towers safe for kids” and “No link seen between cell phone towers, cancer: Children living nearby not at risk, ‘ressuring’ study finds.”

However the study was conducted prior to the rollout of 3G and 4G and looked at children living in the region of 1km away from cellphone towers. Which says nothing ressuring about children living a hundred metres away or in some cases (as in Cape Town) just a few metres away from the towers.

Commenting on the study, Paul Elliott, a professor of epidemiology and public health medicine at Imperial College in London said. “It’s reassuring… On the basis of our results, people living near mobile phone stations shouldn’t consider moving based on health reasons.”

Elliott and colleagues estimated that a day’s exposure from a mobile phone tower equals about 30 minutes of cell phone use. But in the same year the World Health Organisation’s Interphone report said that “heavy users” are more at risk of developing glioma tumours and the minimum amount of time designated as heavy use was just 30 minutes a day.

The study was paid for by the UK Mobile Telecommunications Health Research (MTHR) Programme which was jointly funded by Britain’s Department of Health and the mobile telecommunications industry.

Misleading Evidence

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