FRIDAY 28th NOVEMBER 15h00 – 16h00

1. Meet outside Mrs Angela Schofields House, 10 Firgrove Farm, Spaanschemat River Road at 15h00

2. Stage protest for approximately 30 minutes

3. Proceed along Spaansemacht River Road, to Strawberry Lane and down to Bonnyrigg Road, continuing left to the top of Dalham Rd to the tower.

4. Protest at tower, a showing of unity against the site.
This will only be the start of an ongoing series of protest actions. We want to send a message to cellular operators and landowners like Mrs. Schofield that communities have had enough of being bullied by big corporations. Our time has come to fight back.
We will not rest until we have won back our neighborhood.

Protest on 28th November

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