Two schoolboys at St John’s College in Joburg investigated health risks associated with cellphone towers located at their own school and two others. On the basis of their findings, the school’s lease with the cellphone provider was terminated. The school’s learners, staff and parents now acknowledge radiation exposure health risks within 300m of cellphone masts.

In a survey, students were questioned about 21 symptoms related to electro-sensitivity (an offically recognised condition in a number of European countries. Their list included amongst other things Skin rashes, Sharp muscular pains unexplained, Heart palpitations, Extreme fatigue, Gastric disturbances, Lymph nodes swollen, Tinnitus (ears hissing or buzzing), Allergic reaction and Metallic taste in mouth.

The school’s united action raises the question of why the general public, parents, workers and authorities took many years to acknowledge that we are at risk from structures related one of our daily habits, or why we do not behave accordingly.

St John’s College (Joburg) does mast homework

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