This paper by Timothy Schoechle (PhD) from the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy “provides a beacon of light, a reasonable voice for our turbulent world. It analyzes the current state of modern communications and clearly explains the benefits and accessibility of national wireline systems that can guarantee for everyone a superior foundation of Internet access, unequalled connectivity speed, safety, privacy, security, resiliency, energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

It sets the record straight and fills our current information vacuum, offering consumers, business leaders and policy makers the critical facts they need to rethink a more intelligent and secure future with reliable, secure, wired communications more resilient to storm, flood and fire, and reducing the enormous carbon foot print from the present wireless approach. It also demonstrates why the mistaken upcoming 5G frenzy, with its millions of small cell antennas, destined to clutter all neighborhoods and public right-of-ways, is dangerous, wasteful and unnecessary.”


Download the full paper: ReInventing-Wires-1-25-18



Re-Inventing Wires – The Future of Landlines and Networks

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