The 2017 volume “Micowave Effects on DNA & Proteins” (editor Chris D. Geddes, University of Maryland) brings researchers together from around the world to discuss their current findings and thinking on the effects of Microwaves on Biological systems, particularly DNA, RNA and proteins, in the form of contributed edited chapters.

The authors (Clifford Lau & Ronald Neil Kostoff) are both research scientists, formerly employed with the Office of Naval Research.

Chapter 4 (pp. 97-158) discusses health effects resulting from interaction of wireless radiation exposure with other environmental agents (contributed by Kostoff, R.N. and Clifford G.Y. Lau. 2017). They bring up an important point – that government standards are based on the effect of non-ionizing radiation acting alone. The effects of the radiation in combination with other agents on biological systems would be much more severe than if it was acting alone (p.98)

Medical use of non-ionizing radiation at non-thermal levels clearly demonstrate that biological effects occur below government thermal threshholds. “Non-ionizing radiation can create transient pores in the cell membrane. This can be used to assist in delivering chemotherapy agents into the cell, however, it can also allow an infectious virus to enter the central nervous system. “(p. 111)

The book also summarizes these harmful effects – blood brain barrier injury, neurodegeneration, inhibition of learning and memory, DNA damage in brain, contribution to autism (p. 102)

Vitamin C, melatonin, NAC, vitamin E, zinc etc. can repair some of the damage by RF radiation (pp. 126-127)

The interactions between non-ionizing radiation and the environmental agent occur only in specific windows for specific combinations of multiple variables (p. 130)

At the end, p. 143, it explains why research showing adverse effects is underreported (government and industry influences).

Also that one’s genetics or preexisting disease is a factor in one’s susceptibility to EMR’s effects on promoting disease. (p.112)

Thanks to the Don Maisch (PhD) from EMFacts for this summary

Microwave Effects on DNA and Proteins

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