Constant headaches, sleep deprivation and prolonged body pains are just a few of the ailments that Merebank residents have been complaining about after a cell tower was installed at the corner of Dubrigarth and Dinapur Road, last year.meredith

Residents also claim they were not informed of the installation of the cell tower and were instead told that surveillance cameras were being installed. Now months later, the community is up in arms as they fear the radiation from the tower is resulting in the many illnesses and discomforts they are suffering with.

Speaking to the Rising Sun , Loshnie Govender whose home is a few metres from the tower said she has been greatly affected since the tower was built. “I have lived here for 50 years and have taken care of the municipal land next to my property in a bid to keep our environment clean and pollution free.  The tower was then built without any consultation with us which is endangering people’s health. When something is erected next your property, you usually sign a consent form but I was not informed.  My property is also being devalued as no one wants to live next to a cell tower,” she said.

Local attorney, Leeanne Moodley-Naidoo said, “ There has been many adverse reactions since the tower was erected. The community is already in the midst of two refineries and the pollution is already so high. This tower has now placed the community further in harms way as a result of damaging radiation. The community was not taken into consideration or the children who attend the school, which the tower was erected next too.”

Cellphone tower threat to residents

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