An alternative solution to 5G: “Tired of your lack of connectivity? Embarrassed that South Korea has internet speeds 200 times faster than we do? There are 800 cities across the nation [USA] that are building their own municipal wired fiber-optic networks to bring lightning-fast connections straight to their homes.”

[Note: This is also happening in South Africa where companies like Vumatel are offering fibre packages in the townships for as little as R89/month and Web Africa’s fibre packages are now cheaper than ADSL]

“…Wired systems are faster, safer, and more secure. Wireless 5G will always fall prey to bad weather, bad people, or bulky buildings and can never approach the speed or security of wired. It is time for a national discussion on what’s missing in the rhetoric pushing wireless 5G…”

Cabled Municipal Broadband–a solution to 5G and everything else

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