In recent years we’ve witnessed an exponential rise in wireless infrastructure (including masts and distributed antennae) as 3G and 4G rolled out. Next will be 5G as people buy into that functionality and increased use. According to former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, “when 5G arrives it’s likely that millions of new cell towers will spring up to handle the traffic”. The article below cites the need for 400,000 new 5G masts in rural Britain alone by 2020. Insanity.

There’s a simple equation: more traffic & wireless demand = more need for masts. This is a collective problem requiring collective solutions. How are you accessing this post now – wirelessly? And if so could this digital sharing not rather be done via cable in your own sphere? These are the types of questions and habits everyone should be addressing with more awareness, care & preventative urgency instead of further contributing to the looming planetary crisis.

400,000 extra phone masts needed to bring 5g network to rural Britain

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