Is it a tree? Is it a billboard? Is it a chimney? No, it is one of the latest cellular towers around the country

Mobile operators continue to find new ways to disguise mobile sites to ensure they blend in perfectly with the environment.

There is a growing demand for mobile coverage and higher data speeds, and to achieve this more cellular masts are needed.

However, many people find cellular masts to be unsightly and they feel cellular towers ruin the landscape.

To overcome this challenge the operators and vendors have found innovative ways to make mobile masts smaller, and disguise them to blend in with their surroundings.

Most South Africans are familiar with cellular towers that look like trees, but how about masts that look like chimneys or flagpoles?

Here are some of the ways in which Vodacom disguise cellular masts to blend in with the surroundings.

Cellular tower on a mosque

It is not easy to see that there are cellular antennas on the roof of this mosque, hidden within in the mini minarets.

Antennas on mosque

Antennas on mosque

A church with great reception

This church steeple has been extended, with the cellular antennas hidden behind screening.

Antennas on church

Chimney cellular sites

You have to look very closely to see that these are not normal chimneys, but rather a cellular site hidden in a chimney.

Chimney antennas

Windmill cellular tower

To ensure that Langebaan’s landscape maintains is quaint look, Vodacom placed a cellular tower in a windmill.

Cellular mast in Windmill

Mini and Macro billboard sites

Billboards offer a great place to hide a cellular site. Technology advances even made it possible to conceal RF equipment and antennas in a mini-billboard.


Flagpole cellular sites

Cellular antennas are often hidden in flagpoles. Fibre is used to connect the flagpole-based sites to the core network.

Flagpole cellular site

Lamppost cellular towers

There are many lampposts in any town or city, and by making base stations and antennas smaller it is now possible to use these lampposts as cellular towers.

Mobile site in lamppost

Is it a tree, or is it a cellular tower?

Here are a few examples of cellular towers which are disguised as trees to fit into the landscape.

Tree cellular tower

Dead tree tower

Palm tree cellular tower
Mobile Operators Cellular Towers

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