Students in Peel District School Board will appeal to the new Liberal Government in Ottawa tonight to step in and protect students – especially females – from infertility and breast cancer.

“I did not consent to this level of risk,” said Apurva Dixit a high school student in Mississauga. “The School Board has been informed that our WiFi system puts us at risk of infertility and breast cancer but it’s choosing not to protect us,” she said.

Dixit is part of a group of female high school students lobbying for safety standards to be tightened since microwave radiation from WiFi and cell phones is now considered a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen on the World Health Organization’s Cancer watch list, and children are exposed to it daily at school.

The group has invited leading scientists in the field of radiation, cancer and infertility to reveal to students the level of risk their school Board has failed to address.

They have the support of Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, who has been working in Ottawa to bring Canada’s safety guidelines for wireless radiation into the 21st Century. Clegg was President of Microsoft Canada for 14 years, and throughout his career has been at the forefront of child internet safety including parental control software, and on line predator investigation tools for police.

“The Parliamentary Health Committee has already heard the evidence and unanimously agreed that more caution is required particularly in schools, so I agree with the students it’s time the Prime Minister makes the health of every student in Canada a higher priority,” said Clegg.


High School students speak out against Wi-Fi Risk for Infertility and Cancer

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