This argument doesn’t explain the observed adverse effects in children, animals and wildlife or those who have demonstrated in controlled settings how somatic reactions exclude a causative role for psychological processes.

In 2011 Dr. Daniel Favre demonstrated the dramatic effect of cellphones on bees – with increased aggressive swarming. According to Fox News, “Favre believes this to be evidence of something other scientists have suggested: Signals from mobile phones are contributing to the decline of honeybees.

Also consider the case of Eileen O’ Connor who didn’t suspect an environmental cause for her non-hereditary breast cancer until she started bumping into neighbours in the hospital. Subsequent investigations revealed 11 cases of cancer in the 18 homes surrounding a 27m cell mast that had been erected 10 years previously. This is what she had to say about it:

“Since the Wishaw Mast was removed many of the residents are reporting a restored feeling of well-being, improvement in sleep patterns and increased energy levels. Simple things like the headaches and dizzy symptoms have disappeared.  There has been a baby boom in the village.  We have seen a return of wildlife in the area with woodpeckers, nuthatches and sparrows that simply weren’t there before and even the horse has since recovered and is now strong and healthy and no longer needs treatment. If only I’d known about the research in connection with electromagnetic fields (EMFs), I might have realised that it might not be a good idea to live 100 metres from a 22.5 metre phone mast. I might have realised that the years of suffering with sleep problems, headaches, vertigo, skin rashes, heart palpitations and low white blood cells had all been connected to radiation from the phone mast.

In one study (published in the International Journal of Neuroscience) a female physician self-diagnosed with EMF hypersensitivity, was exposed to an electric field of 300 V/m (comparable to typical environmental-strength EMFs).  In a double-blinded EMF provocation procedure the subject demonstrated statistically reliable somatic reactions in response to exposure to subliminal EMFs under conditions that reasonably excluded a causative role for psychological processes. The conclusion was that EMF hypersensitivity can occur as a bona fide environmentally-inducible neurological syndrome.

Reported EMR side-effects and symptoms are psychological

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