An important European review of the science, called The Reflex Report, prepared by 12 scientific institutes in 7 countries, confirmed long‐term genetic damage in the blood and brains of users of mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic fields. See images below from that report showing DNA breaks in two exposure scenarios: 24 hrs of cell phone use (considered a ‘non‐heating’ exposure) and 1,600 chest Xrays (a high intensity exposure from ionizing radiation well‐known to break electrons from atoms and to cause cancer):


Notice DNA disintegration appears similar, whether one has 1,600 X‐rays or uses a cell phone 24 hours. We have known since the early research of Henry Lai, PhD of University of Washington and the work of Jerry Philips, PhD at the University of Colorado (plus very early government and military research more recently made available), that microwave radiation damages DNA, and yet our government and commercial sectors have nonetheless supported and encouraged the proliferation of wireless telecommunications all around us. Recent research conducted at Columbia University shows that the spiral shape of DNA creates, effectively, a ‘fractal antenna’, meaning that more than any other material in the body DNA is
exquisitely sensitive to all sorts of electromagnetic fields.

Letter to Parents on Fertility and Other Risks to Children from Wireless Technologies

REFLEX Final Report

Reflex Report: DNA damage

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