International 5G Appeal

In Sep 2018 an International Appeal was launched with the intention of halting the rollout of 5G on earth and in space. By Jan 2019 there were 30,000 signatories, including leading scientists and experts in the field. And by the end of Mar that number had more than doubled – up to over 63,000, and rising.

Below is a summary by Arthur Firstenberg, the appeal’s administrator and author of “Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution” (1997) and “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” (2017):

“5G is radically different from previous generations of wireless technology:

Instead of being on private property relatively far from where people live and work, 5G antennas will be on the sidewalk in front of every third or fifth house

Instead of emitting hundreds of watts of microwave radiation, each 5G antenna on the sidewalk will emit beams with an effective power as high as tens of thousands of watts of millimeter wave radiation

Instead of nature being protected, 20,000 5G satellites in low orbit will irradiate every square inch of the Earth.”

The intention is to formally present the concerns to the United Nations, World Health Organization, European Union, and world governments.

To add your own voice click on this link :

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

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