Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS, is a growing health problem worldwide. With increased exposure to wireless radiation from cell towers, WiFi and cell phones, patients report neurological and other symptoms which only dissipate when they are far away from wireless transmitters and towers emitting electromagnetic fields or radiation. Carte Blanche explores this medical phenomenon in South Africa.

Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts interviewed EHS sufferers Alwyn Lewies & Elsa Retief and experts Claire Mawisa, Dr. Hema Kalan & James Lech

According to Carte Blanche, between 1.2% to 13.3% of the population suffers from EHS, and Wi-Fi and cellular radiation are making the lives of thousands unbearable with symtoms ranging from headaches, fatigue and depression to heart palpitations, concentration problems, tremors, and vertigo.

Collations of supporting studies can be found here: www.bioinitiative.org or www.saferemr.com.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Carte Blanche

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