Brantwood residents threatened to boycott a supermarket when they heard a cell tower was planned for the site but the owner of the business (Mr Hussain) is a tenant with no say over what his landlord does on the property.

Last month, the Municipal Planning Tribunal approved the application by Warren Petterson Planning, on behalf of an undisclosed cellular network, for a 15m tower on the corner of Joubert and Digtebij streets, Kuils River…

Thirty-five of the surrounding residents, including Mr  Hussain, signed a petition against it. Two people also sent letters of objection.

Gail Greyvenstein, in her letter of objection, said her home was a mere 6m from the proposed site of the tower, and she was concerned about the possible health implications of the mast being so close by…

Warren Petterson Planning said current research had “reached a point whereby scientists are satisfied that base stations do not pose a health threat”.

[Below is the full article and a response]

Northen News


Response by D Rowland, published in Northern News on 1 Nov 2017:

Response by Denise Rowland














Kuils River: Residents not in favour of tower

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