Fibre to the Home (FTTH) provides a high bandwidth alternative to wireless broadband which could result in lowering the demand for more masts in residential areas and other unsuitable locations. If we look at the demands made on a cell mast there are basically 3 categories of use:

  • SMS (text messaging)
  • Voice
  • Data

The above are placed in order of least demand to most demand. Texting requires the least amount of bandwidth and reception in order to function. Voice requires more resources but it is data that requires the most – especially as we move into high broadband usage. As more people move to a wireless solution for data the greater the demand placed on mast infrastructure and therefore the greater the density of masts needed to support the demand.

By employing a FTTH / cabled solution for high bandwidth data in parallel with education about responsible use of the technology, the load on the masts will be reduced, as well as the need for more.

“Constantia Fibre” is an iniative to bring super fast fibre Internet to the Constantia Valley and are represented by the Constantia Property Owners Association, Constantia Watch, Nova Constantia Crime Watch, Constantia Hills Community Watch and the Strawberry Security Association.

More information is available on their website:

EMRSA also supports a rollout of FTTH accompanied by education on the responsible use of wireless technology. In areas like Bishopscourt where the distributed antennae system (DAS) is adopted, residents should have a say about whether antennae can be installed outside their properties.

We also urge the mobile operators to offer more solutions in sensitive areas. Femtocells are currently offered as an alternative in dozens of other countries and more solutions could be explored. More here:

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How will FTTH help as a solution?

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