Challenging the powers that be: Cape Town cell masts dangerously close to homes
An Appeal to Cape Town Councillors by Olga Sheean

12 December 2016

Dear Councillors:

I am writing to you from Canada, where I have spent more than a decade researching—and experiencing the effects of—the harmful microwave radiation that now pervades our global environment. As someone who has worked for WHO in Geneva (when Director General Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned as cell phone radiation was making her ill), who has had a brain tumour caused by microwave radiation, who has extensively researched the science on EMR, who has connected with vast global networks of those directly affected by microwave radiation, who has interviewed some of the leading scientific experts in this field, and who has witnessed the government deception, denial and dodging of responsibility regarding this harmful radiation, I have seen and heard it all.

For those of us who have been seriously harmed by microwave radiation, it is extremely disturbing to witness our governments consistently and knowingly making the same unfounded claims (there’s no evidence of non-ionizing radiation being harmful), despite the conclusive scientific evidence to the contrary. We are being physically harmed by this radiation—and many of us (such as me) can feel it is plainly as you would feel the heat from an open fire if you were standing next to it. To claim that we are not being harmed when the harm is undeniable, as well as medically verifiable, makes no sense whatsoever. We can only conclude that our governments are uninformed, industry-biased and/or driven by some other agenda.

… click here for the full correspondence which highlights the plight of communities in Cape Town




Challenging the powers that be

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