The following letters submitted to the Cape Times between 26 Jul and 3 Aug 2016 highlight some the concerns around unconstitutional governance at the cost of environment and health, including concerns around the placement of cellphone towers in Cape Town.

26 Jul 2016 – Cape Times: City must come clean on the allocation process of cell towers (242 downloads)

(this references an earlier letter send to the National Department of Health: 20160628 – Letter to Leon du Toit)

29 Jul 2016 – Cape Times : Listen to residents
.                        (related:

1 Aug 2016 – Cape Times: Siting of masts is key (262 downloads)

3 Aug 2016 – Cape Times : A real health concern (235 downloads)

8 Aug 2016 – Cape Times : Our environment, it's governance comes before anything else (239 downloads)

Cape Times correspondence (Jul-Aug 2016)

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