In Nov 2018 the New York Times reported on “The Insect Apocalypse” where they quoted numerous studies pointing to a massive insect extinction worldwide. Much has been blamed on chemicals, viruses and climate change although a number of studies have suggested that these could not have been guilty factors in certain regions (like vast nature reserves entirely unspoiled except for powerful cell masts).

Not nearly enough is being said about the effect our wireless technology is having on the insect kingdom, and not enough scientific research is being funded to support existing studies which suggest that this ubiquitous technology is making certain species more susceptible to viruses, affecting their orientation & navigation and causing structural damage.

Also not enough is widely understood about the vital importance these seemingly pesky and insignificant creatures play in the ecological chain.

This short clip from the “Insect Inspector” makes some important observations.

5G Licensed to Kill. The Insect Inspector investigates what you are not being told about the 5G grid

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